A Life Worth Living:
My Story

In a delightfully refreshing and revealing tone, Bill York shares principles that brought him out of poverty and low self esteem into a full, rich, and rewarding life.

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A Book About

Tale of Rags to riches
Born into a distressed and poverty stricken environment, Bill, through hard work, perseverance, and and unshaken faith, has amassed many earthly and spiritual blessings he shares with his readers today.
A Boost of Confidence
Through Bill’s story, readers can build the confidence needed in their daily lives to realize that they, too, can truly make theirs A Life Worth Living!
Vintage Automobiles
Bill possesses a lifelong love of and talent with vintage automobiles. He has toyed with many makes and models, focusing on 1933 Chryslers, as a part of his special collection.

Overview of A Life Worth Living

Bill's story comprises of twelve detailed chapters. Have a glimpse of the initial four!

Chapter One

Grandpa’s Farm

Meet Bill as a young boy living on a sharecropper farm. See glimpses into his young daily life, the hard work, the sorrows, the joys, and how he began his lifelong love of the automobile.

Chapter Two

Big Adjustments

Bill's family faced many hardships during his childhood. Big adjustments were constant, as well as sometimes negative outside influences, but a healthy relationship at home helped develop him.

Chapter Three

Young Entrepreneur

The entrepreneurial spirit struck Bill early in life. Combined with his commitment to the Almighty, this union of mind and soul became a winning team for success.

Chapter Four

A Desire for More Than Enough

As a younger man, Bill sought more than "enough". Overcoming addiction and the trauma of failed business ventures, a harmonious marriage inspired him with the drive to succeed.

The Testimonials

Richard Sevenoaks

It’s rare to find such honest advice in such an accessible format. A Life Worth Living will surely be a classic.

Dick Belt

If the art of living is the ability to rise from a life of poverty in a constructive fashion, Bill York has provided a superb example of how this is to be accomplished . . . A wise and insightful book which I will share with my friends.

Mitchell York

My father’s story is filled with invaluable guidance, and spiritual harvest of redemptive insights that will both excite and challenge the reader. This affirming message of hope and provision is a must read,...a gem to be treasured.

About The Author

Let my story provide you with the inspiration you need to realize your own dreams, and truly make yours "A Life Worth Living."

Bill York

Born into poverty as a child of a sharecropping family, Bill York learned throughout his early years the value of hard work, obtaining an education, and instilling Christian values into his daily life. With much diligence over the years, this combination brought him success in his marriage, raising his family, pursuing business interests to a high level of success, and turning what started out as a hobby for his family into a thriving automobile renovation and restoration adventure. As his fascination with cars grew, he found himself appreciating the aesthetics of the early 30’s automobiles, eventually gravitating to collecting and restoring 1933 Chryslers.

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